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  • 1.What is the SPC floor?

    The birth of SPC flooring responds to national emission reduction policies. As a kind of hard indoor flooring, it is popular in home decor at home and abroad. SPC vinyl floor is mainly composed of calcium powder and free of formaldehyde, heavy metals and other harmful substances. It is a really 100% formaldehyde-free and environmentally friendly floor.

  • 2.What's special about the SPC floor?

    The thickness of SPC flooring is only 4-5.5 mm, such an ultra-thin design is a bold innovation. The surface printing material, transparent substrate layer and 100% high purity wear molding improve the service life of flooring under traffic. SPC flooring has a vivid intimation of real wood or natural marble. It is non-toxic and is not afraid of water, fire or moisture. In terms of scraping performance, resource utilization and skid resistance, SPC flooring is better than other floorings. Moreover, it is quite easy and convenient to clean and maintain.

  • 3.How does the SPC floor be installed?

    No professional engineering personnel needed, you can free choose paving modeling. Glue is free in the installation and floorings can be used repeatedly, suitable for a variety of pavement environment super lock pulling force, easy to install.

  • 4.About SPC floor chromatic aberration?

    SPC floor is produced by intelligent production line, the automatic control of each link ensures consistent product quality.

  • 5.About the wear-resistant grade of the SPC floor?

    SPC flooring is super wear-resistant, the wear-resistant transfer number is up to 10000 to meet the requirements of family, hotels, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, office buildings and other places.